Acacia Fine Fabrics was established in 1994 and has set itself as a leading distributor of quality European fabrics throughout Southeast Asia. Over the years, we have grown to be a prestigious household fabric brand name in the home furnishing scene. Headquartered in Malaysia, we have regional offices and warehouses in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Manages three iconic homegrown brands namely Acacia, Estelle and Estelle Prestige and distributes two other merited brand names such as FR-One and UV Pro.


To cater for the median group we have Fabric Library sourced from several Asian countries.  


And our dealership footprints are across the Southeast Asian countries. 


Our vision is to be a global company and be a chieftain in everything we do. Rendering top notch fabric quality and customer service is our mission.







To us, corporate social responsibility is not something that is imposed upon us but rather it is inherently part of our strategy and culture, which guides the way we operate and almost always remind us of humility.


We are committed to focusing on creating and sharing values with shareholders, stakeholders, our fellow employees and society. Building leaders, creating a skilled workforce, improving the standards of our employee’s lives, encouraging a balance approach to work and living are among many things we want to continue to adopt and improve.


We take pride in offering to society products which are non-harmful to the ecosystem yet not compromising on quality. We’d like to take part in setting the stage for future successful industry players by welcoming interns who wishes hands-on industry experiences and transferring knowledge through talks. We’d like to be more explicit and affirmative with regards to our desired social impacts- to step out of our zone and have more footprints in homes and orphanages, leaving a lasting impact where it matters.


What we’re essentially saying is, we constantly strive to make Creating Shared Value as the keystone of CSR and sustainability.